What Is Far-Infrared Therapy and How Can it Help Me?

If you’re someone who enjoys learning about advancements in recovery methods, or you’re searching for new, safe ways to treat chronic pain, far-infrared therapy might ring a bell. But, you might have a few questions. For starters: What is far-infrared heat? Does it actually work? And how can it help?

Find the answers to your questions about far-infrared therapy, learn why this noninvasive method of therapy might be worth adding to your recovery routine, and learn how to ease your joint and muscle pain with products like Strive’s far-infrared compression wraps

What is far infrared?

Let’s start with the basics. Far infrared is a wavelength that falls on the electromagnetic spectrum — or, the range of energy wave frequencies that are transmitted from everything starting with the sun, down to technology and every living organism (including us humans!). Visible light falls in the middle of this spectrum, and that’s the only tiny slice of radiation humans can see. Of all the colors visible to us, red has the longest wavelength, and “infra,” or “below,” means that infrared falls immediately under this frequency.

Within the range of infrared waves, there are three lengths: near, mid and far, with far being the longest. Humans easily absorb all infrared energy, which we perceive as heat. And because the wavelengths of far infrared are the longest, they are the coolest — making them the safest and most helpful in medical applications.

Far infrared heat’s role in therapeutic practices began in earnest when it was found to be useful for healing wounds. After being used almost exclusively by medical practitioners, it became accessible to the public in 1979. Now, far-infrared therapy is used by clinics, spas, and every day consumers

What are some benefits of far-infrared therapy?

Naturally occurring, minimally invasive, and extremely accessible to the public, far-infrared therapy is an outstanding method of therapy for people seeking pain relief, better sleep and enjoyment of life. A few of the top reasons why people integrate far-infrared therapy are that it:

  • Dilates blood vessels through radiant warmth, encouraging circulation and healing
  • Penetrates deeper into muscles and joints to improve blood flow which accelerates healing
  • Allows for accelerated recovery while at rest (even when you’re sleeping!)

Far-infrared therapy methods like wraps and saunas are a type of heat therapy but are more effective than other heat modalities like baths or packs. Far-infrared light raises the temperature of your body and not the temperature of the air around you, and the long wavelengths are capable of penetrating well beyond the surface of the skin, accessing deep muscle tissue, tendons and ligaments. The relaxing and opening of blood vessels increases circulation, which in turn promotes healing to damaged tissue and aching joints. 

What kind of injuries & conditions can be helped with far-infrared therapy?

Far-infrared therapy has come a long way in just a few decades, and it continues to be studied as a way to treat conditions including sports injuries and issues stemming from high blood pressure. Though the science is evolving, there are already studies that show far-infrared therapy can help with the following conditions

  • Chronic pain 
  • Insomnia 
  • Inflammation
  • Arthritis pain
  • High blood pressure
  • Nerve pain

Common methods of far-infrared therapy

There are several ways you can access the power of far-infrared therapy. Some are more accessible than others, and as with any therapeutic product, you must always do your research before purchasing, especially as the popularity of the treatment grows. 

  • Saunas: One of the most popular methods of far-infrared therapy, saunas are a great way to detoxify. These saunas don’t transfer heat through air temperature, but rather transmit light that heats your body directly. FIR saunas are perfect for those who heat up too quickly in traditional saunas. 
  • Strive Compression Wraps: A great way to isolate and concentrate the healing properties of far-infrared therapy, Strive wraps allow a greater level of convenience and accessibility by harnessing radiating elements that fit comfortably. You’ll notice a gentle heating effect on the sore or injured body part due to increased circulation. Wraps are also an effective way to combine different methods of healing. 
  • Pajamas: Yes, you read that right — you may recognize the concept from Tom Brady’s Under Armour line of recovery pajamas that promote healing during sleep. While the PJs lack the compression component of wraps, they are another convenient way to recover. 

The best way to integrate far-infrared therapy in your life is ultimately up to your schedule, specific injury or condition, budget and personal preferences. Saunas will be the most expensive form of treatment, while Strive Compression Wraps are affordable and convenient for recovery on the go. 

How do clothes and Strive wraps use far-infrared technology?

You might be wondering how products like wraps and clothing even harness the power of far infrared without the presence of a light. The answer lies in the proprietary non-toxic, “green” compound of micro-crystals that captures and emits your naturally produced far-infrared energy and sends it back into your body, allowing you to experience a truly natural healing process. Like far-infrared saunas, these materials won’t warm the air around you, but will create a gentle warming sensation within the area of your body it’s applied to. 

How can I incorporate far-infrared therapy into my recovery routine? 

Search for reputable gyms or spas if you’re interested in sauna therapy and buy from trusted companies that offer high-quality wraps or clothing. If you’re looking to treat a specific injury, seek products that offer concentrated levels to promote faster healing. Something as easy and seemingly low-tech as an adjustable compression wrap will help you incorporate far-infrared therapy into your regular routine without the hassle or cost of other methods. 

Strive offers the only compression wraps made with far-infrared-emitting materials on the market. Check out our different lengths of compression wraps (with thumb and wrist wrap options) that allow you to apply the healing capabilities of far-infrared and compression directly to your injured or sore body part.

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