Medium Flents® Cloth Ice Bag
Medium Cloth Ice Bag
Flents® Cloth Ice Bag

Flents® Cloth Ice Bag


Flents® Cloth Ice Bag supplies cool, soothing relief without drugs to help relieve pain and inflammation. The cloth design easily conforms to the body for an efficient transfer of soothing coolness. The opening is leak-proof and easy to fill. Perfect for first aid and sports-related injuries.


  • Completely reusable - cloth design makes this ice bag completely reusable
  • Long lasting - insulated bag walls keep ice cold and extent the products use
  • Built TO last - Flents Ice bags have a high quality design and are made for repeated use.
  • This ice bag conforms to your body's shape are provides relief from swelling, pain and inflammation.

    Manufacturer SKU:

    95859 - Medium

    95858 - Large