Flents® Wipe 'n Clear® Lens Wipes
Flents® Wipe 'n Clear® Lens Wipes
Flents® Wipe 'n Clear® Lens Wipes

Flents® Wipe 'n Clear® Lens Wipes


Keep your vision crystal clear with Flents Wipe N Clear Lens Wipes. No matter where you’re going, Wipe N Clear Lens Wipes make it easy to see clearly. Ideal for cleaning all types of eyeglasses. The soft, quilted lens wipes are individually wrapped and are great for travel and on-the-go convenience. The 25 count boxes means it’s easy to leave them in all the places you need to clean your glasses the most – car, office, bedroom, living room. Take a single packet in your wallet or purse or stash a box in your car for easy access to perfectly clean glasses and opticals, no matter where you are. The anti-streak formula lifts off smudges, dust, and lint, yet dries very quickly by not being too wet or dry. Flents Wipe N Clear Lens Wipes work great for camera lenses, binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, and many other optical lenses.

  • One box of 25 Flents® Wipe 'n Clear® Lens Wipes
  • Assorted decorative box designs

Lens Wipes are perfect for cleaning opticals at home, work, in the car and at play. Check with your optician before using this product on anti-reflective coated lenses

Instructions for Use:

  • Before cleaning your lenses, remove any surface grit with a soft cloth.
  • Use the Lens Wipes to clean the lens.
  • Air dries within seconds for clear vision.


  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Not for use on contact lenses.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not flush


  • Water, isopropyl alcohol and detergent

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