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Ezy Dose Kids products help make managing your kids health simpler. Designed with kids in mind, our syringes and medicine droppers allow parents to give the proper dose every time.

How do you measure peace of mind? Drop by precise drop.

The right dose matters, and the True Easy Syringe takes the guesswork out of getting it right. In three simple steps you get the exact dose of liquid medicine you need—every time.


Goodbye to guessing.

The Ezy Dose Kids Medi-Scope is designed for at-home use to easily inspect eyes, ears, nose and throat to provide better information to your doctor on family illnesses as well as progress after treatment.


The right tools for any situation.

The Ezy Dose Kids Ear Syringe and Nasal Aspirator are useful tools to provide care and comfort for your child. 


Goof Proof Parenting

So You Can Make It All Better.

Becoming a parent changes everything. Everything you focus on becomes about the health and wellness of the life you added to this world. You focus on making things better. And better is something we all aspire to. But better takes dedication. It takes research. It takes simplification. It takes love. Better is what we work towards every day at Ezy Dose Kids. Because we believe when we can simplify wellness, we can help parents achieve the one thing they want for their kids…making everything All Better.

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