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Reliable and Effective Hearing Protection For Every Situation


Ear & Hearing Protection For Home, Work, & School

Whether for work or leisure, studying or traveling, attending loud events or needing a little quiet (please), Flents PROTECHS ear plugs offer a wide range of hearing protection for different activities.

Perfect For Every Occasion

Whether you're going to a party, heading to a concert, traveling by plain, working on the construction site, or simple searching for some peace and quiet, Flents PROTECHS guards against high decibels and offensive loudness.


Protect What Matters with Flents PROTECHS

Acu-Life strives to improve your daily life with solutions for a healthy work and home environment.

First Star Rated

"Having worked evenings and nights for most of my career, earplugs have been part of my sleep time routine for 30+ years. I've tried many different kinds, and have found nothing as comfortable and effective as these earplugs. Other earplugs can't match their softness. " - Rohn W.

Protect At Home

From ear plugs to finger covers, disposable face masks, and eye patches, Flents PROTECHS is ready make your home a sanctuary anytime you're there.

Hearing Protection On The Go

Trusted by industry leaders for protecting against hearing lost when traveling, Flents PROTECHS is perfect for hearing protection in loud environments like airports, construction sites, or other loud spaces. 

Find Some Quiet Time Wherever You Go

Flents PROTECHS' Quite Time, Quiet Please, and Quiet Contour Ear Plugs bring those moments of quiet needed to get through your day and into your flow.

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