PROTECHS™ Ear Plugs for SPORT package
Flents® PROTECHS™ Ear Plugs for SPORT

Flents® PROTECHS™ Ear Plugs for SPORT




PROTECHS™ Ear Plugs for SPORT have the highest independently tested noise reduction rating to help block extreme noises like stadium noise and gunshots. The highest independently tested NRR provides serious protection for range shooting, motor sports, and other extreme noise environments while the tapered shape seals gently and snugly without pressure. Extra-soft, extra-light foam for a comfortable fit; shaped to fit even very small ear canals; non-irritating smooth surface.


  • The sound of a single gunshot can cause permanent hearing damage. Other activities, like motorcycling and auto racing can also be damaging. Unlike other injuries, there is no visible evidence of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).
  • Highest independently tested NRR 33 - reduces noise by 33 decibels
  • Can be used with other products, like ear muffs, to reduce decibels even further
  • Tapered shape and smooth surface for easy insertion and removal
  • Extra-soft, low-pressure foam for comfort and fit
  • 8 pair with clear storage case
  • For more information, please reference product instructions and safety data.

The Facts

Sound is measured in decibels (dB). 85dB is the noise level at which hearing damage can begin to occur. So what does 85dB sound like? Routine activities like sitting in traffic, blending a smoothie, even blow-drying your hair. Prolonged exposure to loud noise also increases your hearing damage risk. Every 3dB over the 85dB safety threshold cuts your safe listening time in half. For instance, operating a hand drill with a noise level of 100dB without ear protection means you have just 15 minutes of safe listening time over 24 hours. And regular exposure of more than 1 minute to noise at or above 110dB puts you at risk for permanent hearing loss. PROTECHS were designed to help protect your hearing across lot of different situations.

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