Front packaging of ear-scope kit
Image of ear scope, eye scope, nasal scope kit
Side of packaging showing the use of the ear scope and eye scope
Side of packaging showing the use of the nasal scope and throat scope
Back packaging of ear scope kit

Ezy Dose Kids® Medi-Scope


The Ezy Dose Kids Medi-Scope is designed for at-home use to easily inspect eyes, ears, nose and throat to provide better information to your doctor on family illnesses as well as progress after treatment.


  • Allows quick and easy inspection of eyes, ears, nose, and throat with 7-in-1 tool
  • Includes pen light, ear speculum, tongue depressor, eye/nose speculum and mouth mirror


The magnifying head piece and individual attachments, except the penlight, should be washed before and after each use with warm, soapy water and then wiped off with rubbing alcohol. Allow to air dry. Do not immerse the pieces in boiling water or place in dishwasher. Do not allow moisture or water to get inside penlight. Care should be taken to avoid scratching the lens of the magnifying head piece.