PROTECHS™ Ear Plugs for TRAVEL package



PROTECHS™ Ear Plugs for TRAVEL have a unique Flip to Listen feature that allows wearers to unblock sounds without removing the ear plugs.  Hear without removing your ear plugs. The first dual mode ear plugs with a Flip to Listen feature that lets wearers turn protection off and on without removing or refitting them. Easily switch from a closed position (NRR 24dB) for protection from continuous noise, to an open position (NRR 4dB) when you want to hear. Soft and flexible, designed for all-day comfort; washable, reusable convenience; includes durable carrying case.


  • Though airport cabins are pressurized, about a third of all air travelers experience some pain in the ears, according to an article in USA Today. Ear Plugs can restrict air flow to your ears and can help reduce the pain. Ear Plugs also reduce the monotonous roar of jet engines.
  • Independently Tested NRR 24 for most noisy environments
  • Flip open when you need to communicate or hear without removing ear plug
  • Triple flange design provides long-lasting comfort
  • Earplugs can be washed and reused
  • 1 pair with yellow storage case
  • For more information, please reference product instructions and safety data.

The Facts

Sound is measured in decibels (dB). 85dB is the noise level at which hearing damage can begin to occur. So what does 85dB sound like? Routine activities like sitting in traffic, blending a smoothie, even blow-drying your hair. Prolonged exposure to loud noise also increases your hearing damage risk. Every 3dB over the 85dB safety threshold cuts your safe listening time in half. For instance, operating a hand drill with a noise level of 100dB without ear protection means you have just 15 minutes of safe listening time over 24 hours. And regular exposure of more than 1 minute to noise at or above 110dB puts you at risk for permanent hearing loss. PROTECHS were designed to help protect your hearing across lot of different situations.

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