Flents School Fundraiser 2020


We’re Flents®, a Minnesota-based company with over 45 years in the personal health and wellness space.

We are launching a Fundraising Program to help you raise money while keeping your community safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.

This program is our way of giving back by helping support your sport teams, clubs, or other organizations raise money with a simple, safe, and effective program.

How Our Fundraiser Works:

  1. You select a two-week time slot from now until years end
  2. You fill out the enrollment form with required details
  3. We provide you with a customizable media template to promote the fundraiser on social, email or however you communicate with your community along with a unique code to use during checkout on Flents.com
  4. You send out the fundraising communication to your community with unique code and effective dates

Flents will ship all product purchases from Flents.com directly to those who purchase the product. 20% of all sales on Flents.com tied to your unique code will be sent to your organization in the form of a check.

Please consider notifying other individuals in your organization or district that have fundraising needs - we allow multiple fundraisers within a school community, so share as you can!


Once you enroll, we’ll be in touch within two business days. If you have any questions, please email flents@apothecaryproducts.com.

Best-Selling Products from Flents

Flents offers best-selling, FDA-approved products that enable "Do It Yourself Care." Help your community get the items they need and help your cause at the same time!


Flents is owned by Apothecary Products, a health and pharmaceutical supply company based out of Burnsville, Minnesota. Flents offers personal protection, personal hygiene, and mobility products under multiple brand names.