Flents Quiet Quick EP
Flents Quiet Quick EP (5PR, Orange)
Flents Quiet Quick Ear Plugs with carrying case

Flents Quiet Quick Ear Plugs (5 Pair)


Flents Quiet Quick Ear Plugs greatly reduce noise levels and fit comfortably in your ear. The ear plugs are made out of a soft foam that is easily compressed and inserted into the ear. Perfect for hearing protection in loud environments or for ensuring silence when trying to focus or concentrate.


  • Hearing Protection: for Sleeping, Loud Noise, Concerts, Construction, Heavy Machinery, Music, and other loud environments. Also great for creating silence
  • Convenient: 5 Pairs with Case, Easy to Take Anywhere
  • Comfortable Fit: Smooth, Comfortable, Extra soft and extra light foam that tapers to your ear canal for a custom fit
  • 30 Decibel NRR (Noise Reduction Rate)
  • Made without Natural Latex

    Manufacturer SKU: 68081