Strive® Compression Wrap Large
Compression wraps with infrared therapy
Strive® Compression Wrap Large
Strive® Compression Wrap Large
Strive® Compression Wrap Large
Strive® Compression Wrap Large
Strive® Compression Wrap Large
3 sizes of compression wraps
6" Compression Wrap
Strive® Compression Wrap Large
Strive 6" compression wrap product display

Strive® Compression Wrap Large



Strive’s far-infrared therapy non-slip compression wraps are built to relieve pain and support the natural healing process. Made with medical-grade material, these wraps keep you comfortable while allowing you to carry on with your day.


  • Heal faster: formulated to help speed up the body’s natural healing process
  • Relieve pain: built to relieve swelling and inflammation while increasing blood flow and oxygenation
  • Bust odors: Odor resistant, washable and made with silver for antimicrobial power to help reduce odor
  • Choose hypoallergenic: made without natural latex and ideal if you have sensitive skin
  • Wear daily: breathable, moisture-wicking and reusable for everyday use
  • Keep moving: non-slip wrap stays in place while in use for optimal mobility all day long

Suitable for: knee, back, thigh, arm and shoulder aches and pains

Stay Active and Take Care of Your Body

Isn't it time you choose a compression wrap that helps you feel better faster? Strive 4-inch-wide by 60-inch-long compression wraps are built to stimulate relief and healing. This American-made wrap rises dermal tissue temperature, which activates and increases blood flow, triggering the body's natural healing process. 

Finally, a wrap that won’t hold you back

Using a revolutionary design and medical-grade materials, Strive compression wraps aren’t your average elastic bandage. They provide support while letting you keep your agility, and you won’t have to worry about it slipping during use. All of our wraps are hypoallergenic and made without natural latex. You can wear the wrap comfortably during any activity to reduce swelling, relieve pain and promote oxygenation and healing.

    Manufacturer SKU:

    Black Small (4" x 60"): 70170

    Black Medium (6" x 60"): 70180

    Black Large (6" x 100"): 70334

    Taupe Small (4" x 60"): 70459AMZ

    Taupe Medium (6" x 60"): 70460AMZ

    Camo Small (4" x 60"): 70461AMZ

    Camo Medium (6" x 60"): 70462AMZ