Summer Travel

As the U.S. begins to open up again for summer 2021, with most states loosening or lifting restrictions previously put in place to combat the spread of COVID-19, you may be ready to travel again! There are adventures to be had, family and friends to see after being apart for so long, or maybe just a change of scenery after being stuck at home for more than a year.

Whatever has you venturing out this summer, we have some travel tips (and tools) to help keep your family safe, healthy, and comfortable.

Keeping Your Family Safe

While mask mandates may have lifted in many states, the CDC still requires mask use on public transportation, including airplanes, trains, and interstate buses. Disposable masks are convenient for travel, especially if you have limited access to laundry service or time to allow hand-washed masks to dry. Alternatively, disposable mask liners offer an extra measure of protection for your reusable cloth masks.

Beyond CDC requirements, you may want to further protect your family from germs. Even with instances of COVID-19 decreasing, perennial inconveniences like the cold or flu are still out there, and experts believe they’ll spread more easily with the sudden decrease in social distancing and masking. Public transportation can be a hotbed for surface germs – as can public points of interest you may plan to visit. The CDC recommends using hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol after leaving a transit station, and some experts recommend using hand sanitizer even as you enter an airplane or other public transit vehicle to help curb contamination.

Flents® Lil' Squirt™ Hand Sanitizer Gel contains 62% Ethyl Alcohol, as well as vitamin E and moisturizers to protect your skin from drying out and cracking with increased hand sanitizer use. It also comes in convenient 2.7 oz and 2.0 oz sizes – perfect for on-the-go! (If you have a lot of travel planned, consider stocking up on cases of 24 of either the 2.7 oz or the 2.0 oz bottles.)

Staying Healthy & Organized

Travel can disrupt a lot of daily routines – for better or for worse. When it comes to keeping up with prescription medications and vitamins, that can prove problematic. With the hustle and bustle of site-seeing, flights, bus schedules, and reservations, you might lose track of which pills you’ve taken. Not only that, but pill and vitamin bottles can take up a lot of extra space in your luggage. A pill sorter takes the guess work out of staying on schedule with your pills or vitamins and takes up less space than the bulky bottles they come in.

Flents has options to fit any medication or schedule or vitamin regiment:

Traveling Comfortably

Finally, travel comes with unique challenges to your general comfort. Whether it’s attempting to sleep on a loud, crowded airplane, suffering motion sickness, or dealing with sunglass lenses clouded with beach sand, sweat, or other travel-related irritants, Flents has your back.

  • For better sleep: The Flents Super Sleep Kit includes three adjustable sleep masks to block out unwanted light and 70 pairs of foam ear plugs designed to create a silent environment and increase sleep quality. If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you already know the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Don’t let your summer travel plans derail that resolution toward improving your ability to catch more restful Z’s!
  • For ear pain relief while flying: Protechs™ Ear Plugs for Travel are another ear plug option especially suited to travel. The design restricts air flow to your ears to help reduce the pain of flying – something a third of all air travelers experience to some extent. The reusable Ear Plugs for Travel boast a triple flange design for long-lasting comfort and also have a unique “Flip to Listen” feature that allows you to unblock sound without removing the ear plugs – perfect for communicating with a flight attendant between naps!
  • For motion sickness: The Acu-Strap™ Motion Sickness Band alleviates the symptoms of motion sickness using acupressure points in the wrist, providing a drug-free alternative for motion sickness relief. Whether you’re traveling by air or land, or enjoying a sunny summer day on the boat, you can simply wear the lightweight band on your wrist without worrying about adverse side effects of motion sickness pills or having to take more throughout the trip.
  • For clearer vision: Wipe ‘N Clear® products help keep your glasses – and sunglasses! – clean. The Premium Soft Quilted Lens Wipes are particularly conducive to travel, as the individually wrapped wipes are pre-moistened and can be quickly disposed of after use. Standard Lens Wipes also remove dirt and smudges and come in decorative boxes of 25 wipes, making them easily packable. For a reusable, machine-washable option, the Textured Microfiber Lens Cloth allows you to quickly remove fingerprints and smudges from your lenses (or phone or other electronic devices), with or without the Spray Lens Cleaner.

You’ve done enough worrying over the past year. It’s time to take a breath and enjoy some of the experiences we’ve been missing. Flents is here to help you do so in a way that keeps your family safe and healthy.


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